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Sügavates toonides Nordeconi büroo interjöör


Toompuiestee 35, Tallinn, Estonia


2570 m2


Completed 2020



Interior architecture

Margit Aule, Kaiko Kerdmann and Liis Tarbe


Terje Ugandi

The new office of the long-established Estonian building company Nordecon in Tallinn is timelessly stylish and self-confident. They decided to move to an existing office building on Toompuiestee, which would allow the accommodation of 200 workplaces on two floors. The reputable company preferred private offices to open-plan work space, at the same time valuing openness and the development of synergy between employees.

The building has an all-glass façade and offers magnificent views of the Old Town, the sea and northern Tallinn. The rooms have plenty of light, and the interior architects decided to use bold deep tones: various blues, greys, yellows and darkish wood panelling. Eight wall graphics by creative agency Pult depict the best-known projects of Nordecon.

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