Solis BioDyne

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Main hall of Solis BioDyne in Tartu


Palsa tee 6 and 8, Tartu, Estonia


3475 m2


In progress


Solis BioDyne

Architecture and interior architecture

Laura Ojala, Katri Vanamets, Margit Aule, Toomas Adrikorn and Celine-Cathy Raaga

Structures and engineering design

Projekt O2


Alari Suurmets


UDU Visuals

Solis BioDyne, a Tartu-based international and swiftly evolving biotech company, has decided to raise a new building that would convey its vision.

Rapidly developing production and business area Green Park of Tartu provides an opportunity for growth and being connected with the city: e.g. following the example of Ülemiste City in Tallinn, a new train stop is being planned so that people arriving in Tartu could go off at the Green Park stop.

The two-storey building accommodates labs as well as offices, lined by an outdoor garden through two floors. The green plant facades, the flowing spatial layout and the spiral staircase all carry a clear message of thinking outside the box.

The team of LUMIA had a superb opportunity to design this environment as a whole: the architecture, the interior architecture and the landscape.

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