Oru villa

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Oru villa in the greenery of Viljandi town


Oru 21a, Viljandi, Eestonia


317 m2


Completed in 2021


Margit Aule and Laura Ojala


Martin Siplane

In the town of Viljandi, a number of villas were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries near the hill of Trepimäe (literally ‘Stairs Hill’), which winds its way down to Lake Viljandi, to satisfy the desire of wealthier townspeople for a sophisticated living environment. The private villas were luxurious in their architectural style, providing the residents with new amenities of the time. More than a hundred years later, a recently-built elegant modern villa at Oru 21a blends harmoniously into the stately neighbourhood.

The apartment building at Oru 21a is located on the hillside, overlooking the beautiful Lake Viljandi. The building is constructed mainly of wood, brick and glass, combined in a modern key. The wooden strips on the façade integrate the villa into the urban landscape, while the glass is reflective like lake water. The exterior of the house is also a reference to the historical architecture of the town, as both red bricks and bricks covered with white lime plaster have been used in Viljandi for a long time, particularly in the 19th century.

The building has three residential floors and one underground floor for storage and parking. The apartments are spacious and well-lit as a result of large glass surfaces and high ceilings. The residence at Oru 21a is of about the same volume as the neighbouring Villa Nemwaltz.

Like the century-old private houses, the Oru Villa has been designed to a high standard, representing today’s architectural trends and offering modern amenities to its residents.

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